Moravian Trail

This is a list of identified historic and other points of interest in the areas shown. Please help us complete this list and make any corrections needed. Send an email to [email protected] with any corrections or additions. Thank You!

Canal Lock 15
Canal Lock 16 (Feeder Canal)
St. James Lutheran Church
Tuscarawas Memorial Park
Boat Launch Ramp on Tuscarawas River
Trenton Heritage Park (Old State Dam property)
The Canal House (Canal era building)
Hammersley House
Indian Valley Local Middle School
Tuscarawas-Warwick Township Library (Tuscarawas County Branch)

Wainwright Ballpark
Wainwright Coal Mines (Early 1900’s?)
Sharon Moravian Church

Goshen Clap Pipe Plant
Zeisberger’s Cemetery
Goshen School

Gnadenhutten Indian Cemetery and Musuem
Heck’s Grove Park
Nature Park
Historic Homes
Bershoeba Church and Cemetery (Spelling?) – Lock Seventeen
Lock Seventeen Inn?
Gnadenhutten Boat Launch Ramp – Tuscarawas River
Gnadenhutten Moravian Church 1800 est.
Gnadenhutten Methodist Church
Indian Valley Local High School
Gnadenhutten Library
Lock Seventeen Roller Mill – Still Standing
Lock Seventeen Brick Yard

Schoenbrunn Moravian Church
Schoenbrunn Village
Trumpet in the Land
Kent State Tuscarawas Performing Arts Center



Clay Museum

Dennison Railroad Depot

Fry’s Valley
Fry’s Valley Moravian Church

Riverside Skate Rink and Park – Big Name Band played here?
Riverside Clay Pipe Plants

Port Washington
Port Washington Historic Road to Baltic?
Indian Valley Local Elementary School
Union House
Old Moravian Church – Now a Baptist Church
Moravian Missionary Settlement and Cemetery – Ohio Historical Marker
President Lincoln visited shortly – Both while living and the funeral train stopped.